France sends wrong message; gives “token” punishment to a serial human smuggler

France sends wrong message; gives “token” punishment to a serial human smuggler

August 8, 2017

* France remains “on their knees”. A serial human smuggler in the country’s southern city of Aix-en-Provence was given a token “four-month suspended sentence” for assisting thousands of migrants with slipping across the border from Italy. Why are we not shocked at the light sentence?

The link below details the French farmers illegal activities:

– Cédric Herrou hid immigrants in caravans to shield them from authorities at his farm in the Roya Valley.

– Herrou was first tried in 2016 after ferrying hundreds of migrants from the Italian frontier to his home in the Roya Valley, for which he was fined nearly US$4,000.

– He also risks a second trial in a separate case where he is being pursued by state prosecutors who suspect him of helping migrants enter France illegally from Italy.

– Herrou is also said to have helped nearly 1 000 migrants to apply for asylum in Nice since April this year – including Sudanese and Africans migrating via Libya – and was also stopped by police in July while allegedly driving 156 migrants to register for asylum in Marseille.

*** The open-border criminal cartels operating freely in Europe must be shut down. They may be legends in their own distorted minds, but they are willfully exposing all Europeans to great risks. These activist-criminals have no regard for the safety of others and must be made to pay severely for their crimes.

Europe’s challenge is not only the smugglers outside of the borders, but also the hordes of open-border activists within sophisticated networks that operate freely inside of Europe. Once the migrants are granted entry, they receive “coaching” and “transportation” to direct them to their favorite destinations across Europe.

Why is this happening? Because the authorities, who have been disarmed of all courage, allow it to happen. When tolerated, this type of behavior only serves to lure more migrants to Europe.

While Hungary, the V4 and other CEE nation states continue to secure Europe’s southern borders and provide assistance to support the Libyan Coast Guard, Matteo Renzi has chosen to unjustly attack their leaders for “not living up to their responsibilities”. We would kindly advise the former PM of Italy to focus on cleaning up his own nation and controlling his own borders before giving advice to others.

Western Europe is long overdue for a dose of V4 reality.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united.