French Eurocrat warns against war in Europe.

French Eurocrat warns against war in Europe.

French Eurocrat warns against war in Europe.

EU commissioner Pierre Moscovici warns against war in Europe if the nationalists win the elections to the European Parliament. ?

Like Federica Mogherini, who claimed the world would “collapse” without the European Union, Moscovici believes only the EU can save Europe (as if Europe did not exist before the EU).

“If we include a division into the North and the South, the West and the East, and if Europe’s preference becomes the way Europe thinks, Europe will die,” Moscovici said.

It sounds as if Moscovici is ready to send in the troops.

This statement – if Europe’s preference becomes the way Europe thinks, Europe will die – reveals the distorted perception of Eurocrats. (Read it twice to let in sink in and to understand what he is really saying).

Few are as embarrassing and vain as Moscovic, who is a former member of the Trotskyist Revolutionary Communist League – which is a perfect qualification for Brussels.

Maybe Moscovici should worry about the mayhem taking place on the streets of France, a nation which chose an ‘EU cheerleader’ over a nationalist.

– Moscovici mentioned the EU code words of “populists” and “nationalists”, with the nationalists “favoring the nation”, which would lead to the destruction of the European Union and potentially to war.

These juvenile scare tactics are a sign of a regime in meltdown mode, desperately trying to hold on to their positions of power. Deep down, Brussels realizes that they are losing the hearts and minds of mainstream Europe.

It is Moscovici who is declaring war on the European nation states, implying that in order to save Europe, the nation states must surrender to the demands of an army of unelected clerks from an EU superstate.

Moscovici again took a shot at Italy’s Matteo Salvini claiming that while there is no Hitler in Europe, there is a small Mussolini. Earlier he slandered the Italians themselves: “The Italians have… chosen a resolutely euroskeptic and xenophobic government that, on issues of migration and budget, is trying to get out of its European obligations.”

The author Filip Vávra said it best: “The division of Europe and the destruction of the European Union is now almost certain. Western Europe has decided to go through with the exchange of its population, but central-eastern Europe (CEE) has rejected this.”

“There is no compromise. If the West does not force the rest of Europe, everything can go on without war. But if they refuse to retreat and insist that the fate of Paris, Brussels and London is followed by Prague and Warsaw, there will be no such scenario of peace.”

* Moscovici is just another French official who suffers from delusions of grandeur, but whose time has long passed.

The EU continues to self-destruct.