The Game-Changer in Europe: Austria election polls. July 27, 2017.

The Game-Changer in Europe:  Austria election polls.  July 27, 2017.

August 1, 2017

* Austria election polls. July 27, 2017.

– Following up on our post from yesterday, it appears Sebastian Kurz’s Party (OVP) has a healthy lead with the Freedom Party (FPO) and current PM Christian Kern (SPO) in a dead heat for second.

– The goal is to eliminate the disastrous Kern and his left-leaning party from the government. As we detailed earlier, Kern is bitter and hostile towards the leaders of the V4 and generally takes his orders from Berlin and Brussels. He cannot be trusted in any way to seal the border with Italy or to oppose the migrant quotas. He and his party have been a disaster for Austria.

– Kurz appears headed for victory, but the key is for the FPO to place second. Even if they place a close third, we feel that Sebastian Kurz must choose the FPO to form a new government. We feel Kurz would lose much credibility if he chose to form a government with the SPO, who opposes his border and migration agenda. We would be shocked, quite frankly, if this happened. Kurz needs the FPO to accomplish his stated goals on migration, sovereignty and taking on the growing multicult issues in Austria.

– There are some obstacles, including a radical, left-wing President from the Greens that will try his best to derail a Kurz-FPO coalition. However, we remain very positive that a Kurz-FPO government will be in place for 2018. Austria has been flooded with migrants and their crime rates are rising, as the Interior Minister, Wolfgang Sobotka, detailed a few months ago in one of our posts. The time is now!

However, be prepared for the governments in Berlin and Brussels to smear the Freedom Party and to pressure Kurz in an attempt to influence the outcome of the Austrian election. They simply cannot lose Austria; it would be a devastating blow to both Merkel and the EU.

We believe this can be a game-changer and will greatly enhance the positions of both the V4 and Austria. While the media tries to magnify the “show” election in Germany to fit their narrative, the election in Austria will have a much bigger impact.

We always believed the Winds of Change in Europe would emerge from the CEE nation states, not the West. Keep your eyes on Austria.