Gender ideology and the Istanbul Convention (IC): A fierce attack against human nature and common sense.

Gender ideology and the Istanbul Convention (IC):  A fierce attack against human nature and common sense.

Gender ideology and the Istanbul Convention (IC): A fierce attack against human nature and common sense.

In the Czech Republic, bitter feminists begin to push the “gender theories” of the Istanbul Convention, or else…

– The chains of internal treaties are hard to break. Why get handcuffed from the start?

It is ironic that a MP from Sweden is giving advice on “protecting women.” We mention Sweden because a feminist MP (Anna Maria Corazza Bildt) is one of the IC’s biggest advocates, along with an EU Minister from the Czech Republic (Jourova). It was Sweden that opened its borders to unknown male migrants from cultures which have quite a different view of women than the West.

Bildt may be the perfect example of hypocrisy, given how Sweden has exposed their own citizens – after the feminists themselves advocated flooding the country with aggressive male migrants.

– The cultural Marxists of the Council of Europe want to indoctrinate the public with “gender theories” on an international scale. They seem to disagree with Mother Nature, science and one’s biological sex. Anyone in opposition should be silenced and prosecuted. How some quickly forget the lessons of the past.

Slovakia and Bulgaria have already rejected this nonsense of the Istanbul Convention. Hungary has not signed up either. The Czech Republic must avoid this trap, while the PiS in Poland must quickly withdraw to reverse the decision of the last government, which is no excuse for its inertia on the subject.

The V4 Report covered this issue months ago when the Croatian people courageously protested against its ratification, only to be sold out by EU loyalist and PM Andrej Plenkovic.

Below, political scientist and publisher Alexandr Tomský at a meeting in Ostrava offers his insights:

? The preaching of the spiritual Peter Pithy on the risks of the Istanbul Convention, according to Tomsky, confirmed one thing: If you allow yourself to speak conservatively, you will face media stoning from certain audiences.

“For decades, the Western world has been making efforts to criminalize conservative opinions. We are starting to slowly resemble China, which introduces a point system and a sanction (for example, the rejection of an outward travel clause) for a poor and incorrect view of the world.

At universities in Western societies, freedom of speech is generally considered to be an unacceptable bourgeois retreat undermining progress,” Tomsky warned in a comment posted on the Invisible Dog server.

Just look at how the Czech Women’s Lobby has responded to the already mentioned sermon by Petr Pita. The lobby has filed a criminal complaint against the priest for spreading a different message. Tomský considers the behavior of these women to be meaningless.

Among other things, because feminists, in their gender ideology, are struggling with non-existent problems. “Genderism continues to struggle with a non-existent patriarchy, and as any constructive ideology relies on pseudo-science. They see sexual differences between the sexes as negligible, the difference behind the mere social typing (construction),” Tomský continued.

Over the course of tens of thousands of years, it has been shown that gender differences are biological, not just a social construct. The men were hunter-men, while women cared for the fireplace.

This division has largely disappeared. Women have the opportunity to practice the same profession as men. They work in factories, in healthcare, as truck drivers and even in the army. But that does not change the fact that there are biological differences between men and women.

“Scientists are often silenced by the fear of political correctness. Particularly, neurologists would have to express more often the different characteristics of the masculine and feminine brain. With civic rights, let alone the ability of both sexes to perform just as well at all professions, it has nothing in common, but the ideology of any sexual orientation is endangering family and fertility, because it is just the natural, stereotype challenged modeling education for marriage and parenthood. The role of fathers as fathers and mothers as mothers is irreplaceable even in non-tribal society, “Tomsky stressed.