Gentiloni arrogantly refuses help from Visegrad to secure border in Italy

Gentiloni arrogantly refuses help from Visegrad to secure border in Italy

Many thanks to The Northern League for providing a strong response to Paolo Gentiloni’s arrogant refusal to accept help from Visegrad regarding migration.

** The V4 Report also had some tough words for Gentiloni in the linked article below on July 24, 2017. We offer a small sample:

{Hungarian Premier Viktor Orban says Italy should “close the ports” to stop the flow of migrants from the Mediterranean and that the problem must be solved in Libya. Orban said that the four leaders of the Visegrad group, which also includes the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, have written a letter to this effect to Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni.

Premier Paolo Gentiloni, who is a member of the far-left Party of European Socialists (PES), responded angrily that Italy would not take lessons from the V4 or its EU partners on migration. “We have the right to demand solidarity from our neighbours, countries with whom we share the European project,” Gentiloni said in Turin. “We don’t accept lessons, nor threatening words.

Mr. Gentiloni, the leaders of the V4 have a moral duty – not to some vague and shallow EU Project – but to their own people; and they will fight to defend their culture, traditions and way of life from the those in Brussels who seek to bury it.

The government of Gentiloni may refuse “lessons” from others who have presented solid solutions over the past years, but the Italian people may be ready to provide Gentiloni with their own harsh lesson of reality at the next elections.}

Good luck, Italy!

The Battle for Europe: Viktor Orban and the V4 nations vs the leaders (not people) of Italy and their “unelected” Premier Paolo Gentiloni.