George Soros Calls for Cooperation on Migrant Crisis in Europe

George Soros Calls for Cooperation on Migrant Crisis in Europe

Just a reminder for those countries who believe that the German slogan of “flexible solidarity” gives them an out to vote for the EU’s Migration Manifesto.

No Way!

Ever since 2019, the new trend for many ruling governments is to spin long-term defeats into short-term victories for the electorate back home. This was very clear with the EU budget monstrosity on various fronts. In the end, it is another step towards a federal EU. Brussels even has to ‘approve’ each member state’s plan to make sure it ‘EU-correct’.

Flexible solidarity another EU trap and bait game. Regarding migration, even George Soros was ardently against compulsory migrant quotas…knowing full well there were less controversial ways to flood Europe.

Unfortunately, he is winning…the EU is being overwhelmed into submission, even without compulsory quotas. Eventually, this will have negative consequences for all ‘member states’.

Visegrad and the CEE states must unconditionally reject this UN-inspired migration pact, which yet again expands the scope of the EU at the expense of the European nation-states. There can be no victories in this package.

Do not let this EU migration genie out of the bottle. Once this starts, the EU always finds ways to expand its powers.

The EU is responsible for exacerbating the migrant crisis…and the V4 Report’s strong opinion is that this would have never morphed into this great invasion without the influence and declarations of the EU.