German intelligence agency to spy on AfD party

German intelligence agency to spy on AfD party

Wow, Germany is truly becoming a scary place…

Merkel’s Grand Coalition has already crossed many lines of decency and is now using intimidation techniques against the opposition.
This government is truly repugnant.

German intelligence agency to spy on and monitor phones and activities of the AfD party, the largest opposition party in parliament.
We wonder where Germany found these so-called experts and lawyers, who recommended placing the whole party under surveillance based on statements and speeches given by AfD functionaries and MPs over the years.

This sounds like the practices of past totalitarian regimes. Things have gotten very ugly in Germany, but this is what happens with political monopolies.

The CDU/CSU (EPP Group) only wants to work with Socialists, Greens, and EU federalists. Any threat to its power base from the right will be met with intimidation and censorship.