German-style EU Solidarity: Whatever Merkel decides. 🤨

German-style EU Solidarity:  Whatever Merkel decides. 🤨

German-style EU Solidarity: Whatever Merkel decides. 🤨

Angela Merkel called and lured the illegals…millions listened and flooded Europe.

Now, the German government is whining about “secondary migration” and becoming the destination of choice for illegals (try slashing benefits and eliminating the wok ‘welcome culture’).

Merkel and her Grand Coalition fail to mention the heavy burden they placed on other countries along the route to Germany.

– More than 1,500 illegals, most originating from Afghanistan and Iraq, have entered Germany from Scandinavian nations since the beginning of the year.

* Many illegals before them came from France, Italy and Greece.

The illegals are well-instructed by the NGO traffickers and have made use of a legal loophole: if a migrant is able to spend six months or longer in another EU member nation for any reason, that country usually has to take over the duty of processing their asylum case. Many migrants thus cross into Germany, trying to hide from authorities for six months before presenting their case.

One guesses Germany does not “pushback” and instead grants entry. This is a problem they need to rectify, instead of trying to modify the rules in their favor.

** Instead of deporting the illegals it attracted, the German government, in typical fashion, will now try to spread its burden across the EU.

It will decide, based on its needs, how the bloc will manage mass migration. Any doubt where this is headed?

Big Horst Seehofer said that by the end of the first half of 2020, there were 28,292 illegals in Germany that needed to be transferred back to other EU countries.

In our opinion, the governments of Italy, Greece, etc. should refuse the requests.

Instead of avoiding its responsibilities, Germany must deport Merkel’s migrants outside of Europe…not across the EU.