Germany and life at the EU Core: Sickening.

Germany and life at the EU Core:  Sickening.

Germany and life at the EU Core: Sickening.

One migrant has been arrested while the other suspect, an 18-year-old “unaccompanied minor”, is missing and said to be currently on ‘holiday’ in another state.

“Holiday” in another state? What is this madness? Is Merkel’s migrant, suspected of participating in a rape of a 15-year-old German girl, now roaming Europe?

Why does the government tolerate this abuse? Why is the Grand Coalition, including the pretenders at the CSU, so weak, feeble and defeated?

The details are shocking and the response of the government makes one’s blood boil.

The government of Germany, like Sweden, has surrendered.

The Visegrad and ThreeSeas states must reject the so-called “values” of the EU Core and Berlin’s fake solidarity. Why jump on the “top-speed” EU Express blazing a path towards its own self-destruction?

– Police said two men, aged 21 and 18, are suspects in last Tuesday’s attack.

– Mohammad F., who is accused of raping the girl, has been detained by police.

– Police are looking for an accomplice, reportedly an Afghan that is said to have come to Germany as an “unaccompanied minor”. According to the head of the refugee centre where the teenager is housed, the 18-year-old is currently on ‘holiday’ in another state.

– Responding to the question of why the public was not told of the incident, a police spokesman said to BILD: ‘At the time (Friday), it would have made no sense to issue a press release because we could not have named the offender.’

However, the newspaper quoted an anonymous police source as saying: ‘The incident was kept under lock and key by the city and police, because they fear another reaction like what happened in Freiburg.’

They fear another Freiburg? So the German citizens protesting the violence by migrants are the “bad guys”? Quite frankly, the people of Freiburg should be the ones in fear…of their own government in Germany.

The source was referring to an incident in the south-western city of Freiburg last month, in which an 18-year-old girl was gang raped in an attack allegedly orchestrated by a 22-year-old Syrian.

Majd H. had been a suspect in two prior sex crimes and was known to police. BILD reported that at the time of the incident, there was already a warrant out for his arrest.

Last month’s incident sent shockwaves through Germany, particularly after it was reported in local newspapers that Majd H., who came to the country in 2014, had links to a Kurdish militia and had posted pictures of himself posing with a machine gun on social media.

** The citizens of Freiburg must indeed take to the streets. If the government refuses to protect them, they will have to defend themselves.

Angela Merkel and the Grand Coalition have no shame. Does anyone care what they or their media stooges think anymore?

History will not treat them kindly…and the situation in Germany will only get worse once full radicalization sets in.