Germany and Merkel’s successor: Does it really matter?

Germany and Merkel’s successor:  Does it really matter?

Germany is cooked regardless of whether ‘Pat or Mat’ succeeds Merkel. It is a major problem when parties and leaders masquerade as the right while committing Germany to cultural suicide. Perhaps, Germany must hit rock bottom before it regains its common sense.

Armin Laschet, leader of Germany’s Christian Democrats (CDU), won the backing of senior party members at an internal meeting to run as the conservative candidate to succeed Angela Merkel at a September federal election, party sources said on Tuesday.

Markus Soeder, who leads the CDU’s Bavarian ‘sister’ party CSU (rubber stamps), was the other candidate.

This election will be interesting as Germany looks to move even further left. It raises an interesting discussion if Greens, communists, and Socialists somehow come to power in a coalition.

No doubt this would involve extreme short-term pain for many (not just Germany)…but the Antifa lunatics would weaken the reputation and status of Germany and the EU.

Is weakening Germany the best road (harsh immediate pain) to break the EU multicult/woke project? That’s an interesting debate.

While the V4 Report disdained Merkel for everything she stood for, many EU leaders paid her homage and allowed her to lead the bloc.

Her potential replacement will not carry her same influence, not even close. The EU could be facing some serious headwinds in the future.