Germany changes the “rule of law” game in a subtle swipe at Hungary and Poland.

Germany changes the “rule of law” game in a subtle swipe at Hungary and Poland.

* What else is new? Typical Angela Merkel, who has developed a habit of letting others do her dirty work as she puts on her halo.

We cannot see how either Poland or Hungary can support this plan. Even without this change linking funds to the Commission’s perception of the rule of law, this recovery plan represents another step towards a federal EU and will expand the scope and power of Brussels.

While Guy Verhofstadt loves it, it’s better not to let this genie out of the bottle.

– GERMANY, set to take over the EU’s presidency on July 1, will put the rule of law at the heart of the bloc’s economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, a policy note said.

According to Reuters, “the plan for recovery must be based on solidarity, cohesion and convergence…while fully respecting our values, rights, and the rule of law.”

On June 19, the member states will debate the EU Commission’s recovery proposal to raise an unprecedented €750 billion worth of debt to top up spending from joint coffers to be worth €1.1 trillion in 2021-27.


Under the scheme, the executive EU Commission could recommend suspending or withdrawing funds from a country flouting the rule of law, with a ‘majority of EU states needed to block any such punishment’.

That system would make it harder for Warsaw, Budapest or any other perceived offender to avoid forfeiture, compared to an earlier plan that would require a ‘majority to vote in favour of any sanction proposed’ by the Commission for it to be enacted.

* The V4 Report remembers well the premature celebrations regarding this earlier plan (now changed). There was good reason why we did not celebrate.

After five years, both Germany and Brussels have become quite predictable. They will use all means to try to control the nation states, especially those which actually can think for themselves.