Germany: FDP leader wants Germany to deport minor refugees linked to crimes.

Germany: FDP leader wants Germany to deport minor refugees linked to crimes.

* Germany ??. Life at the EU Core: A 15 year-old “unaccompanied” Afghan migrant murders a German girl.
In response, the FDP leader wants Germany to deport minor refugees linked to crimes. Where was he two years ago after the mass sexual attacks in Cologne?

According to Reuters – which shamelessly tried to frame this as a “domestic dispute” – FDP leader Christian Lindner spoke amid growing debate about unaccompanied migrants after the fatal stabbing of a 15-year-old German girl on Wednesday by a suspect later identified by police as her former boyfriend, a 15-year-old Afghan refugee who had entered Germany in early 2016.

The girl who was killed had filed charges days earlier accusing the Afghan teenager (if not lying about his age) of harassing and threatening her after she broke up with him, police officials said.

** How did the German authorities fail to protect this girl after she went to them for help? Were they paralyzed by “political correctness”? Did they allow this girl to be exposed out of fear of being labeled “intolerant or xenophobic” by the international network of diversity hustlers? Unfortunately, this is a problem in Germany and parts of Western Europe.

Lindner told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper that authorities should be able to deport unaccompanied minors who resisted “educational measures” and caused problems, if their families could be identified in their home countries.

Surely, Lindner can do better than this. Good luck with identifying their families in Afghanistan.

*** First, some reality regarding so-called “unaccompanied minor refugees”. The overwhelming majority (over 90% from an article we published earlier) are not nine-year-old girls as envisioned by the media, but aggressive 15-17 year old males (or adult males lying about their age).

The V4 Report agrees with the FDP leader on deportation (without his strings) but we believe the issue of so-called “minor refugees” is much deeper and must be dealt with in an entirely different way. “Relocation” into Europe for this demographic group of teen males may be the worst possible solution for all involved.

The first step is to immediately identify their real age. The technology exists and many migrants are simply lying about their age in order to receive better benefits and upgraded protection. Those caught lying must be immediately deported by military pilots (since many German commercial pilots are refusing to carry out deportation orders) for the safety of Europeans and to send a strong message of deterrence to future migrants.

Secondly, the true “unaccompanied minors” must not be allowed to roam Europe. Most of these teenage males are immature, aggressive and vulnerable for radicalization. They should not be exploring Europe on their own. This is a recipe for disaster as we witnessed in Cologne and elsewhere.

One cannot expose their populations to roaming teenage males in this matter. It is not only abnormal but highly irresponsible. Just ask Sweden, which took in large amounts so-called “unaccompanied minors” from Afghanistan and Somalia. Once flooded, it may already be too late.

In addition, how does “relocating” teenage males into a foreign culture help them? What are their prospects at success in Europe without basic skills or the knowledge of the language? Without the proper guidance, most do not posses the maturity to succeed at adulthood at this age.

Socialists, NGOs and even the well-intended may think they are being “humane”, but they are setting up these kids for failure.

How many of these teens will end up abused by the criminal underworld, radicalized by Islamic extremists or nurtured into the ranks of the next generation of jihadists?

If the UN, Brussels and the NGOs want to help, they can stop asking Europeans to sacrifice their security at the altar of cultural Marxism.

Instead, they may want to start thinking of establishing special camps outside of Europe designed specifically for these vulnerable teenage males. The camps could be run by coaches, teachers, counselors and other specialists who are trained to mold these young minds into successful adults who can one day help rebuild their countries.

**** Relocation is a disaster for both the Europeans and migrants involved. Christian Lindner is talking politics for the consumption of voters, but his plan is unrealistic and does not prevent the future crimes of “unaccompanied minors”. Unfortunately, for the victims and their families, Lindner’s talk, like that of most German leaders, does nothing to alleviate their pain.

Is this plan of ours perfect? No, but it’s a start and certainly an alternative to the failed policies of Germany. It’s time to start thinking outside the box, instead of negligently exposing Europe to the failed policies and narrow rhetoric of Brussels and Berlin.

We realize these teens need much support. However, unleashing them in packs not only endangers Europeans but leaves the vulnerable teens themselves exposed to the criminal ‘dark side’.

Germany may be an economic power, but they remain “on their knees”, allowing the actions of others to control their destiny.