Germany just can’t get enough

Germany just can’t get enough

Germany just can’t get enough.

German court rules that illegal migrants cannot be returned to Greece because of the “serious risk of inhumane and degrading treatment” they could face.

Wow, so Greece is not a safe country now? And one thought Afghanistan was bad.

This is a bizarre ruling but, for its part, Greece is probably sending the German court its love. It’s not bad to be on this list; it works for Hungary.

Although this only involves two illegal migrants, it could set a dangerous precedent in the future for Germany. However, according to the election polls in Germany, with the exception of AfD supporters (at 10%), many Germans seem not to mind.

One guesses this will be the new tactic of the migration attorneys and their illegal migrant clients. Greece just isn’t good enough for them. Surely, Italy will be next.

Expect more traffic along the Balkans as illegals in Greece are given yet more hope of reaching the promised land of Angela Merkel.

To be frank, the V4 Report believes Greece and Italy, although far from blameless, should openly refuse to take back illegals from Germany, which suspended Dublin in the past and called and lured the illegals from the start.

At some point, Germany must take responsibility for the Grand Coalition’s reckless actions and words by deporting the illegals out of Europe using their own means and resources.

After all, Germany is ‘rich’ and ‘great’…and they can do it. 🇩🇪🤸

Maybe it’s time for the CDU crowd to step-up with mass deportations out of Europe instead of devising schemes to dump their welcomed guests back to others or to fund new migrant camps in Greece and Bosnia. 🤔