Germany loses track of 30,000 illegal migrants

Germany loses track of 30,000 illegal migrants

* Germany loses track of 30,000 illegal migrants and 158,000 are still in the country despite having had their asylum applications rejected. Islamic extremists are reaching out to young migrants who are increasingly turning violent in Germany.

** By the end of 2016, the number of migrants seeking asylum in Germany reached 1.6 million. German newspaper Handelsblatt reports the breakdown of the 1.6 million figure:

1). 872,000 were holding a “humanitarian residence permit”.

2). 158,000 were still “roaming” in the country despite having their asylum applications rejected. Of those, 75% were given a “tolerance”, suspending the requirement for them to leave the country. A tolerance? What is this nonsense?

3). 573,000 were still waiting for a decision.

*** The last few days we have focused on the migrant mayhem in Germany. Terrorism-related cases are surging, violence continues in the migrant shelters, and a Syrian was the latest extremist arrested for plotting an ISIS-inspired attack to kill “as many as possible”. also carried a story (Bombs instead of gratitude) yesterday regarding the major problems Germany is experiencing with the so-called “migrant minors”. Many are not minors, but activists have instructed them to lie about their age. For instance, “Hussein K.” arrived in Germany without papers in November 2015. After brutally raping and murdering a German girl, he claimed he was seventeen. However, the experts found that he was at least 21. He then admitted in the courtroom that he had lied about the age. “In Germany it is worthwhile to act as an underage, it is so better,” he explained.

Our point: Germany has major issues and they have lost control of the situation. While we hope to be wrong and wish them luck, Germany may never recover from Angela Merkel’s negligent choices.

However, our immediate concern is the “spillover” that could possibly destabilize Poland, Czech Republic and others in the neighborhood. While the migrants seek the benefits of Germany’s “welcome culture”, one cannot ignore hundreds of thousands of “missing and rejected” aggressive males who may be roaming Europe as we speak. Some, no doubt, would like to strike Central Europe in some form.

While Visegrad, the Central European Defence Cooperation (CEDC) and Macedonia have done an excellent job securing the Balkan route, they will have to start focusing on the German border as well. The situation is deteriorating quickly.

This does not mean confrontation with Germany, but cooperation. Visegrad, especially Hungary, is already helping Merkel’s government by detaining the illegal migrants who seek Germany. Berlin can return the “solidarity” by taking the action necessary to control their side of the border. In addition, there are far too many migrants in Germany. It is scandalous. Berlin must act in a more urgent manner to deport the illegal migrants outside of Europe. A false “tolerance” must not be allowed to blind one to reality or expose others to danger.

Unfortunately, we believe the crisis in Germany is just beginning and will only intensify. Visegrad must be prepared to control the situation at their borders.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united.