Germany: More Migrant Riots and Sexual Assaults at a German Festival.

Germany:  More Migrant Riots and Sexual Assaults at a German Festival.

July 19, 2017

* Schorndorf, Germany: Merkel Vision and delusions of grandeur. Riots and sexual assaults at a festival.

– Unlike the government in Germany, the leaders of Poland, Hungary and the V4 took preventive action to protect their people from the consequences of open borders and mass migration from violent regions. The V4 nations did not elect Angela Merkel; they have their own visions.

** From the article: Authorities have called in more police to supervise a festival following riots and at least two cases of women being sexually harrassed over the weekend.

Guests and police were attacked with bottles thrown from a crowd of some 1,000 young people, police said. A police spokesman said that the violence against officers was “horrifying,” adding that the aggression had taken on a new quality.

Police said a number of the young people present were of a migrant background. Two young women, one aged 25 and the other 17, were also sexually harrassed at the festival, according to police. A 20-year-old Iraqi man was being questioned in connection with the first case, while three Afghan asylum seekers aged from 18 to 20 were detained over the second. **

– The V4 Report has included this article to follow up on a story we posted from early June in which an organizer of a Woodstock festival in Poland (near the German border) “invited” migrants from Germany to attend. The Polish government rightly protested and were then vilified by the media and “diversity police”.

The government in Poland, like Hungary, is not only courageous, but they possess common sense and a grasp of reality not found in the halls of Berlin or Brussels. We trust there will be no “migrants from Germany” crossing the border to attend the festival in Poland this August.

Unlike the governments in Germany or Sweden, the leaders of Poland and Hungary protect their people…..they do not expose them to radical “multicult experiments”.

Onward V4!