Germany offers a ‘third gender’.

Germany offers a ‘third gender’.

Germany offers a ‘third gender’.

Germany has become the model EU state for cultural Marxism…Germans can now state their gender as ‘diverse’ after the country’s parliament approved a ‘third gender option’ for official forms.

We bet the EU media activists, Guy Verhofstadt and Frans Timmermans love this war against human nature. Welcome to the world of the Istanbul Convention.

Germany seems to be on the ‘cutting edge’ regarding other issues as well…like bigamy. No thank you.

– The change to the law was put forward by Angela Merkel’s coalition of fake conservatives and social democrats and approved by the Bundestag.

The CSU is a major obstacle to positive change in both Germany and the EU (via the EPP Party). They have enabled Merkel and favor expanding scope and power of Brussels. They must be repudiated to allow a real conservative/nationalist opposition to emerge.

The governments of Western Europe and their ‘EU values’ are rotten to the core. These are not the values of Europe, but of the UN and other far-left radicals.

The cultural divide in Europe between the Western bloc and the Three Seas region of CEE continues to widen. Today, it is being exposed. How long can this artificial arrangement endure?