Greece accuses Turkey of trying to provoke it with migrant boats

Greece accuses Turkey of trying to provoke it with migrant boats

Greece accuses Turkey of trying to provoke it with migrant boats

It’s about time Greece pushes back at Turkey, but Berlin and Brussels will likely only offer symbolic support while continuing to appease Erdogan.

But it’s difficult to take this Greek ruling party seriously when the very same characters just welcomed Ylva from Sweden (EU migration boss), where she announced that the EU will fund five new migrant camps in Greece.

Thus, one can surmise that both are expecting to grant entry to more illegals in Greece. No?

Migration Minister Notis Mitarachi said the Greek coastguard had reported multiple incidents on Friday of the Turkish coastguard and navy accompanying migrant boats “to the border of Europe, in an effort to provoke an escalation” with Greece.

“It is beyond doubt that these migrants departed Turkish shores, and given the fact they were supported by Turkey, were not at risk,” Mitarachi said in a recorded statement.

Correct, since Turkey is a safe country for migrants, they are illegals when they try to enter Greece. Their life is not in danger when sent back to Turkey.

But Erdogan has mastered the propaganda game. He sends illegals to Greece, accuses the Greeks of pushbacks, and then has his media claim that Turkey is “rescuing” the same migrants he just sent.

Humanity is just overflowing in Turkey. 😒

Whether they want to hear it or not, the Greek government must realize that the EU is not concerned about their national security or culture. They are welcoming more illegals and giving Greece money to build new “open” reception centers. They are more concerned about “pushbacks” than Turkey’s aggression.

The government should not be intimidated by von der Leyen clerks. In fact, the pushbacks must intensify and Greece must start thinking about sending the illegals back…with or without Turkey’s approval. After all, Turkey is proud of its “rescues” and the care given to the migrants 😉.