Greece calls for the return of 1,450 illegals to Turkey.

Greece calls for the return of 1,450 illegals to Turkey.

Greece calls for the return of 1,450 illegals to Turkey.

What took them so long…and what about the other 50,000+ who do not belong.
The best of luck and we hope it comes to fruition, but based on the past record, this smells more like propaganda to calm down an angry public.

In the first two months of 2020, there were only a total of 139 illegals returned to Turkey. 139? This is quite pathetic.
The next excuse was Covid; the return process was stopped (it never really started) on March 15, 2020, when Turkey cited the additional difficulties caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.
Sure…that’s it. 😂

In addition, the Merkel-Erdogan Pact stipulated very clearly that “all irregulars” (their words not mine) that entered Greece illegally via Turkey by sea were to be returned.
This was a separate deal above and beyond the so-called 1-1 swap of Syrians, which never materialized as well. It was mostly one-way traffic to Greece without the proper corresponding returns.

Since Turkey is a safe country, this means that all the migrants who entered Greece via Turkey were illegal aliens.
Moreover, is the Greek government claiming only 1450 illegals crossed into Greece since the spring of 2016 (when the pact came into force)?

The numbers don’t add up and far more than 1450 should be scheduled to return.
Yet, this is just on paper for Erdogan to receive his EU payouts. The reality is that Turkey is not taking back the illegals…not in the past, future, or present.

The V4 Report wishes this was not the case, but Erdogan will not budge, especially when he knows that the EU is weak and that he can get away with it. Greece needs an alternative outlet and it should not be other EU states; relocation within the bloc is counterproductive and just makes the entire fiasco worse by encouraging more illegals to come.

Forget Turkey or the EU. Greece needs to work with other EU states, such as Austria, to implement mechanisms to send the illegals directly back to their countries of origin. The EU’s only goal must be centered around helping the nation-states deport out of Europe by linking EU foreign aid of any kind to a country’s willingness to accept back its citizens.

Afghanistan, Pakistan, and others receive enormous amounts of EU aid; the EU must use this leverage to adjust some attitudes.
Unfortunately, the will is lacking.