Greece Government to abandon ambitious plan for migrant center in Evros

Greece Government to abandon ambitious plan for migrant center in Evros

Greece: Pressure from Greeks and local leaders forces the government to abandon the ambitious plan to expand capacity for the EU-funded migrant center in Evros. 👍

Europe needs more of these protests directed at national leaders, who are all too willing to bow for Berlin and Brussels, which wanted Greece to prepare to welcome more illegals.

At this point, it’s about self-preservation.

Italy, Greece, Malta, Spain, and Bosnia (non-EU) should reject EU plans to turn their countries into migrant processing camps to relocate illegals across the EU.

Solidarity should be based on supporting countries that deny entry and implementing mechanisms to deport the illegals out of Europe.
If Germany wants to become a ‘little Mecca’, then let it directly transport them from their countries of origin, instead of trying to force others to embrace multicult.

The forceful reaction of the local community, which was planning several protests and rallies, as well as the stance of the regional authorities were crucial in changing the government’s plans.

Migration Minister Notis Mitarakis had visited the region on February 8 to help illustrate the necessity of increasing the capacity of both the local facility and detention center by over 750 spaces each. However, he was met with extreme hostility by the local population who swarmed the minister and pelted him with rocks and coffees.

That’s how you send a message.