Greece hardens migration policy

Greece hardens migration policy

This is how it should work.

– Greece hardening its approach ahead of summer when illegal arrivals pick up, saying it has little choice given a lack of support from the rest of Europe.

Yes, without a reliable outlet to send the illegals to others in the EU, Greece will be forced to push back and deport, exactly what needs to be done.

This is the best for everybody across Europe!!!! Relocation does not work (and neither does large-scale LEGAL mass migration from alien cultures). Culture matters.

Both Malta and Greece are starting to figure this out. Don’t grant entry; EU funds for ‘reception centers’ are a trap.
This is also why the EU Migration Pact must be unconditionally defeated. A permanent mechanism to relocate the illegals across the EU would decrease the incentive for border states to deny entry.
Unfortunately, Italy has not figured this out yet.

The V4 Report has been making this point for years. It’s not that we don’t think Greece needs support from others, but EU solidarity (sharing illegals) is counterproductive and can actually delay what needs to be done at the border.
Europe’s support can include sending border police and detention specialists from other states (non-Frontex) or logistical and financial help to deport the illegals out of Europe.
Turkey will not take them, so it’s imperative to pushback the illegals to Turkey and to use financial and other forms of pressure on the countries of origin to take back their citizens directly (bypassing Turkey).
Germany’s advice to Greece to improve the welcome culture is ill-advised, especially when Germany is only concerned about secondary movements and scolding Greece for pushbacks. How convenient of Merkel. 🤨
It’s not the task of Greece or any other state to hypothesize about the fate of illegals when returned to Pakistan or Afghanistan but to actually return the illegals to their home countries.
The more the EU meddles, the worse things get.