Greece: Homicide at Moria refugee camp sparks riots.

Greece:  Homicide at Moria refugee camp sparks riots.

Greece: Homicide at Moria refugee camp sparks riots.

What government would expose its citizens by accepting migrant relocations from Greece? This is simply preposterous and reckless.

– On Friday, riots between African and Afghan migrants at the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos broke out following the stabbing of a 20-year-old man from Yemen and the subsequent arrest of a 27-year-old Afghan.

Last Wednesday, a 20-year-old Congolese asylum seeker died in a hospital on the Aegean island. According to Ekathimerini, a 27-year-old Afghan had attacked him with a knife on New Year’s Eve.

Africans were protesting and demanding to be accommodated in separate areas from the Afghans in Moria. Earlier the protestors occupied the street in front of the hotspot, while Afghans threw stones at them.

* One feels for the Greeks, but their government has created a nightmare; but instead of trying to export aggressive male migrants to other EU states, the Greek government must start deporting the illegals outside of Europe and back to their countries of origin. Afghans, according to the latest UNHCR data, account for 48% of the 41,300 ‘asylum seekers’ currently staying on the Aegean islands. This seems like a good place to start.

Instead of shuffling euros to Greece to help “manage” migration (whatever that means), the EU must focus its efforts (and funds) on assisting Greece with deporting the migrants outside of Europe.

The EU or Greece cannot manage migration without being overwhelmed; its main task is to return the illegals in a prompt and efficient manner…period. They must start taking action to control events, instead of allowing the actions of others to control them.