Greece must say no to Brussels and Ylva from Sweden

Greece must say no to Brussels and Ylva from Sweden

Greece must say no to Brussels and Ylva from Sweden.
In fact, any nation concerned about its culture, sovereignty, and future must unconditionally reject the EU-wide migration pact that will greatly expand the scope of Brussels and its ‘international stakeholders’.

The EU Commission wants to turn Greece into a camp for illegals (an unofficial EU hotspot, like Italy) in order to commit Europe to mass migration. It’s all part of the EU migration plan to turn illegal migration into legal migration.
Instead of aggressively deporting the illegals out of Europe or supporting efforts to pull-back illegals sent from Turkey, the EU will announce a 250-million euro ($295m) fund to construct new migrant camps on Greece’s Aegean islands.
What message does this send? The EU wants bigger and improved reception centers to house more illegals? Why?

Ylva from Sweden (EU migration minister) insists that the camps would not be “closed”, as per her blog on the European Commission website, published on Wednesday. “They will be humane, and allow for areas for families and vulnerable people.”
However, Greek authorities have repeatedly stated that the new sites will be “closed and controlled”.
Then again, this government also promised mass deportations during and after the elections, which have not come to pass.
With EU money comes EU control…unless one is named Erdogan.

The EU’s migration pact is a farce, built along the same lines as the UN migration pact…safe, orderly, and regular migration.
The EU has absolutely no track record at deporting, nor do they intend to deport out of Europe. This is and has always been used as pure bait in order to justify endless relocation schemes.
Any talk of deportation is misleading and specifically designed to give some countries a ‘political alibi’ back home in order to support a so-called ‘balanced’ pact.
As in the past, the relocations will come first and the future pledges to deport will be forgotten…just like the deal with Turkey, where “ALL irregulars” were to be sent back to Turkey. 😉👌

At this point, the EU has no credibility. It is a shameless organization trying to destroy the very identity and soul of Europe.
There can be no ‘victories’ attained with this migration pact or even ‘flexible solidarity. Even George Soros opposed mandatory migrant quotas, knowing full well there were quieter, less controversial ways to flood Europe into submission.
Eventually, the migrants get free movement and voting rights, and if they are not deported, the next step will involve various amnesty schemes.

Where does one think the EU Commission got its inspiration for its migration manifesto?
Once this EU migration genie is let out of the bottle, there is no going back. It must be killed.