Greece: Proposed bill seeks to increase deportations

Greece:  Proposed bill seeks to increase deportations

Greece: Proposed bill seeks to increase deportations.

It sounds far-fetched and we have a hard time distinguishing the difference between “deportations” and “returns”…but the V4 Report hopes Greece is successful with this new method. If so, it would establish a positive precedent for others.
– The new proposal: When illegal migrants are arrested at the border, authorities will employ deportation procedures rather than those used for returns as the latter is more complex and time-consuming.
1) The ‘deportation procedure’ foresees that those migrants not entitled to international protection (they are not refugees entering from Turkey, a safe country) are obliged to leave Greece, without the need for the consent of the country of origin or transit country. (One hopes Greece is not referring to voluntary returns, which are simply not realistic).
2) The ‘return process’ on the other hand requires the consent of the country of origin or transit.

If this sounds complex that’s because it is.
Or is it?
Digging deep, and although Greece will not openly admit it, the deportation procedures sound like pushbacks to Turkey (transit country) without Erdogan’s consent. This was the model with the invasion from Turkey in 2020.
The president of Turkey is refusing to take back the illegals, so Greece may be doing it immediately at the border without his consent.
Of course, the Dutch media and other lefties will object 😂…but so what; pushbacks are difficult to punish, just ask Croatia and Hungary.

The countries of origin stipulation may be symbolic here, but it really should not be.
To this day, the V4 Report finds no logic associated with obtaining approval first from foreign leaders to return their own citizens.
We just cannot comprehend this mentality, the surrender of one’s freedom and sovereignty.

While we despise Erdogan on almost every front, we cannot but admire his method of deportations or returns.
A few months ago, he did not ask for approval from Macron to return home-grown French Jihadists.
He simply put them on a plane and said Ankara would continue repatriating foreign jihadists to their home countries even if they decline to take them back.
“Whether [foreign Isis fighters] are stuck there at the border it doesn’t concern us. Whether they take them or not, it is not our concern,” said Erdogan.

Yes, the business of Greece and others in Europe is to return illegals they want to expel to the countries of origin.
They can answer questions from the EU and UN later. 😉