Hard facts…but Erdogan thanks the EU for the euros.

Hard facts…but Erdogan thanks the EU for the euros.

Hard facts…but Erdogan thanks the EU for the euros.

Migrant arrivals from Turkey to Europe nearly double in 2019.

Smugglers, migrants, Erdogan, Soros groupies, African leaders, etc….Who doesn’t abuse the EU?

– According to a confidential EU report, 70,000 migrants have crossed from Turkey to the EU this year. The numbers raise questions about whether a EU-Turkey refugee deal is unravelling. Raises questions? 😂

Under the deal, Turkey is obliged to take back all irregulars who passed through its territory on their way to Greece. Of course, since Turkey is an UN “safe country”, all migrants from Turkey are illegal and should be sent back to Turkey to apply for asylum from the back of the line.

Around 68,000 of the migrants crossed the Aegean to Greece. Frontex is a big help 😖. Smaller numbers reached Bulgaria, Italy and Cyprus.

In a new development, most migrants came from Afghanistan. Their share is now 30%, while the proportion of asylum applications from Syria is only 14%, followed by Pakistanis (9.5%), Iraqis (8.0%) and citizens of Turkey (5%).

Not exactly the type of demographic group eager to embrace the European culture. Hey, but the EU is tolerant, even if the new arrivals are not. 🤨

What happens with the migrants? Ask Croatia, which is now defending others in EU from Greece’s “wave-through” solidarity and unwillingness to deport all irregulars to Turkey.

From the beginning of this year to the middle of December, 34,000 migrants have been brought to the Greek mainland. According to the EU report, some stay in Greece, but many try to reach the Albanian border and from there travel onwards with the help of smugglers through the Balkans to Austria and Germany.

The cycle continues over and over again….🕳