HC Strache wants a curfew for migrants in Austria.

HC Strache wants a curfew for migrants in Austria.

HC Strache wants a curfew for migrants in Austria.

The bold leader of FPO and Vice-Chancellor of Austria is trying to change the environment in Austria, where asylum seekers, particularly from Afghanistan, are prone to crime.

Despite the recent change in government, Austria has a huge mess to clean-up after the last government (Social Democrats/SPO and Berlin’s old OVP) submitted to Angela Merkel on migration. For this EU solidarity, Austria was promptly flooded with aggressive male migrants from alien cultures.

Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache and the Fpö are trying to change the environment in Austria. Strache wants a curfew for migrants from 20:00 PM.

The Austrian Minister of the Interior is said to be drafting a proposal to prevent asylum seekers and migrants from carrying weapons and knives in the future.

According to statistics, the number of knife attacks in the country doubled between 2013 and 2017, with the perpetrators mostly Afghan, Turkish and Russian citizens (mainly Chechens). Last week a 17-Year-old afghan migrant, wanted for murder in Afghanistan, was allowed to roam the streets and stabbed and murdered his 16-Year-old Austrian girlfriend.

Of course, the far-left German media (more accurately, Merkel’s obedient cheerleaders) has thrown a fit, claiming this ‘knife ban’ discriminates against migrants because it would not pertain to Austrians.

Of course, Germany is not a good measuring stick, nor are they a model to follow. In Germany, the migrants do as they please and Germans are now held hostage by their actions.

** HC Strache also wants asylum seekers not to be able to leave the accommodations after 8 pm.

Absolutely. In fact, the V4 Report believes migrants should not be “roaming” Europe at all. Until their claim is determined, they can either be detained and live by certain rules or they are free to return home.

Plus, there must be a permanent mechanism to deport migrants outside of Europe immediately (not just asking them to leave) once their claim is denied. This idea of allowing aggressive male migrants to romp all over Europe is insane and tolerated by a weak ‘EU Man’ who has lost his identity and purpose. It is an embarrassing sight.

This game has gone on far too long. We wish Strache the best.