Here we go again; Spanish NGOs Accuse Spain of Illegal Migrant Push-Backs.

Here we go again; Spanish NGOs Accuse Spain of Illegal Migrant Push-Backs.

Here we go again; Spanish NGOs Accuse Spain of Illegal Migrant Push-Backs.

– Spanish ‘human rights’ groups called Saturday for an investigation into potential human rights violations by Spanish authorities after the alleged expulsion of 42 migrants to Morocco without due process.

What are they saying? That violent migrants attacking police with acid and other homemade weapons cannot be immediately pushed back across the border once they touch EU soul. They must be allowed to stay.

Of course, this is just insane, but then again, this is the EU….which is lead by bitter, hard-core cultural Marxists who wish to destroy the values and beliefs Europe was built upon.

* This is the new NGO strategy of trying to intimidate border police. They have also accused Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia and others.

But the V4 Report says let the debate over “push backs” begin right here and right now. If the EU is serious about stopping illegal migration (unfortunately Eurocrats are not, instead they focus on resettlement), it has no other choice but to make “push backs” legal and normal.

This is a common sense and there is no other way to defend one’s border from an invading force without repelling them back with the use of necessary and appropriate force. By declaring “push backs” illegal, the EU is declaring that borders do not exist.

Regardless, the nation states must defy the EU on this, like they do on other issues that pertain to national security. Whether the NGOs and UN like it or not, “push backs” are becoming the new normal, and there is little they can do about it.

Nation states, even if they do not admit it, are starting to defy the EU on this madness. They have no other choice; this is a street fight and it’s about self-preservation, not what some activist judges decide to invent as a human right.

The European Courts can condemn what they like, but if there is not enough support from the nation states (and there is not) then it will have a difficult time enforcing anything.

Too many in the EU bloc, especially the West, act like sheep, instead of defending their country. Defiance and independent thought can be very healthy for freedom and national security; in fact, often, it is a requirement.

There is no reason for an independent nation state to be handcuffed by EU chains and prevented from defending one’s border as it sees fit. National security comes first. Let the “push backs” continue.

What can the EU do about it, especially since they are already reeling from Brexit?