V4 Report. Horst Seehofer: once the migrants enter Germany, it is “almost impossible” to send them back home.

V4 Report.  Horst Seehofer:  once the migrants enter Germany, it is “almost impossible” to send them back home.

V4 Report: Horst Seehofer, who leads Merkel’s “sister party” the Christian Social Union (CSU), says that once the migrants enter Germany, it is “almost impossible” to send them back home. Apparantly, Germany has accepted their fate, which allows others to control their destiny.

Mr Seehofer said: “I say this having a nine-year experience as [Bavaria’s] prime minister. A great illusion prevails in Germany when it comes to the issue of deportations. There’s a bulk of lawsuits in courts challenging deportations. In most cases, migrants have no ID documents, without which the home countries refused to take them back.”

“Others have put down roots here or found a sponsor who secures their stay here. That’s the reality in the Germany of 2017.”

– This is the reality in Germany? How sad. It is a true tragedy when a nation surrenders their ability to control their own borders. Border security, which must include the option to deport those who do not belong, is the first line of defense for the people of a sovereign nation and it must never be compromised by political correctness. Unfortunately, the government in Germany sacrificed their own citizens at the altar of multiculturalism.

– Seehofer is correct to point out the need to secure the borders first, before granting entry. This is a common sense, but it also requires the will to defend one’s borders, which obviously the German government lacks. We would also remind Mr. Seehofer that, despite all of his talk, he did not put up much of a fight. After all, Seehofer is still Merkel’s ally and coalition partner.

– We also believe his comments are somewhat pathetic regarding Germany’s current situation. Imagine a power like Germany not being able to deport illegal migrants because the host countries refuse to take them back? How did it come to this, where Germany allows itself to be held hostage by the actions of others? This admittance is rather abnormal and certainly cannot bring comfort to Germans, but it is the sad “reality of Germany today.”

– It does not have to be this way. Germany certainly has the tools to deport the migrants “outside of Europe”, but they simply lack the resolve and courage to make it happen. President Dwight Eisenhower deported over a million illegal migrants back to Mexico in a short period of time, using “all available” means. While Eisenhower was determined, the leaders of Germany seem to have folded without a fight.

– Germany is an economic powerhouse and they could sternly inform the leaders of Africa that they will withhold ALL aid and support to those who refuse back their migrants, calmly informing them that non-compliance would result in harsh economic sanctions. This can occur “off the record” but it is a message that must be delivered and acted upon. Germany has the leverage, but the will is lacking.

– How long will Merkel and “her sisters” at the CSU allow the traffickers, migrants and leaders of other countries to abuse their borders? Apparantly, they have accepted their fate, which allows others to control their destiny.

– While lacking Germany’s resources, the leaders of the V4 relied on something that was to prove priceless….a sense of reality and a sheer determination to control their own destiny. Instead of allowing the actions of others to control them, Viktor Orban and the V4 took the preventive measures to control events. While vilified by the open-border cabal in Brussels, Visegrad answered the bell to defend their people, culture and way of life.

The leaders of Germany have lost control of their own county. What does this say about a nation that is powerless to deport illegal migrants, especially after Tunisia refused to take back one of their citizens who later committed an act of terror in Berlin? Where is Germany headed? Not even their leaders know the answer to this question.

The V4 must never sell their soul for the black hole of EU Solidarity on migration. {Note: The ex-communist PM of Slovakia, Robert Fico, may be doing just that today.}
Once flooded, like Germany and Sweden, it may already be too late.

Onward V4!