How long can Angela Merkel fool herself with useless proposals to stop illegal migration from Africa?

How long can Angela Merkel fool herself with useless proposals to stop illegal migration from Africa?

How long can Angela Merkel fool herself with useless proposals to stop illegal migration from Africa?

* Merkel says she wants to invest in Africa to stop illegal migration to Europe. It’s not that simple Angela.

How many have already tried this only to see their investments wasted by corrupt African leaders? Moreover, even in the best of scenarios, this would take decades to bear any results.

Europe does not have decades to wait for some economic miracle in Africa that will magically supply African migrants with the incentives to stay. Today, and for the foreseeable future, the migrants will flock to Europe to enjoy the generous benefits offered by naive West EU countries.

At this critical time, Europe should be supporting the efforts of Matteo Salvini and Viktor Orban to seal the external borders and send the migrants back to Africa.

Instead, Merkel invents more creative and manipulative EU slogans that will commit Europe to mass migration while trying to appear that she will combat the smugglers, something that she has not done for three years.

“We must not be accomplices of the people smugglers. We must fight illegality but also create legality and conditions for work here on the ground,” Merkel said after meeting with Senegal’s President.

What does this even mean? For starters, Merkel is not interested in stopping the flow, but instead wants to turn illegal migration into legal migration by enlarging the pool to include migrants from Africa and expanding the definition of a refugee to include migrants in “refugee-like” situations.

Who is Merkel trying to fool? Germany and Brussels have already been “accomplices of the people smugglers”. How can one argue otherwise?

Their policies have lured the migrants and their support of the NGO people traffickers have enabled the smugglers to thrive. How will this change if entry is not denied in Spain or Greece and Merkel continues to champion futile “solutions”, such as shuffling the migrants from one EU state to another?

How will this change without the massive deportations that must occur outside of Europe that Merkel has no desire to implement?

Merkel is gone and disconnected from all reality, just like her plebes in the German media, who still fail to realize that they – and not the German people protesting the violence by recent migrants – are the extremists regarding migration.

Europe simply can no longer afford to be held hostage by the reckless policies of Angela Merkel and the Grand Coalition in Germany. While she is too vain to resign from Germany, she no longer has the moral authority to speak for the mainstream in Europe that wants the borders defended and illegal migration stopped.

While her influence has been weakened, there are still groups – like the EPP – in Brussels that continue to enable her.

Viktor Orban believes he can reform the EPP, but we are not as optimistic. The EPP is the party of Merkel, Manfred Weber and their new obedient “star”, Andrej Plenkovic.

May a better strategy involve the formation of a new conservative, anti-migration alliance with Salvini, Orban and others in CEE to weaken Merkel’s base at the EPP?

It’s an interesting debate, and one that needs to be explored. Time is running out.…/angela-merkel-wants-invest-africa-…