How would Italy’s idea for a new EU migrant distribution system work?

How would Italy’s idea for a new EU migrant distribution system work?

How would Italy’s idea for a new EU migrant distribution system work?

– Italy’s new leftist government is pushing for an automatic system for distributing migrants “rescued” in the Mediterranean between EU states.

Should the deal take off, Rome would agree to reopen its ports to vessels which taxi migrants from Africa to Europe, reversing a hardline stance taken by the country’s ex-interior minister Matteo Salvini last year.

Of course, the two main EU countries, France and Germany, have already given the green light. 🇪🇺👯‍♀️

– The EU’s PM of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, is expected to discuss the plan with France’s President Emmanuel Macron when the latter visits Rome next week.

“There is great willingness to immediately reach even a temporary accord on the redistribution of migrants, which can then be fine tuned,” Conte said Wednesday during a visit to Brussels to meet European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen.

* “Fine tuned”?

Some blackmail may be involved. The plan could also involve Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Romania and Spain. Conte suggested EU states that decline to take part could suffer financial penalties.

So this plan is not really “voluntary”, if it involves penalties for those who wisely decline…plus the automatic distribution scheme would only be a temporary solution ahead of a revision of the so-called “Dublin regulation”.

Can’t wait. 🤨

The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia have refused in the past to take in any of those transferred at sea.

* One senses another big battle on the horizon, although this time the V4 will be without Salvini or the FPO of Austria (at least for now).

The V4 Report believes the EU will go slow at first, using old Frontex slogans about “strengthening borders”, etc., in effort not to alarm the public or their opponents (this was even advice of Soros Plan).

However, like all EU initiatives, once established, it will eventually expand and grow into a life of its own. Unless stopped before it begins, the distribution scheme will eventually be mandatory, or involve heavy penalties for those in defiance.

After all, “EU solidarity” will be defined and regulated by France, Germany and the three establishment parties of the EU.

Except for the names, the EU has not changed at all…Brussels remains focused on committing the EU to mass migration.

Any doubts, after a multicult feminist from Sweden and “civil servant” from
Greece were rewarded with EU “portfolios” regarding migration?

Migration is certainly working well for Sweden and Greece. 😂