Hungary believes that illegal migration poses a serious security threat to Europe.

Hungary believes that illegal migration poses a serious security threat to Europe.

* Hungary believes that illegal migration poses a serious security threat to Europe, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told the BBC television.

** Szijjarto said the European Union failed to control the border at the start of the crisis. As a result, some 1.5 million illegal migrants stormed into Europe unchecked. The V4 Report would add the majority were young, strong aggressive males from violent cultures who should have been stopped at the border.

– Angela Merkel called and lured them to Europe. The leaders of Greece and Italy recklessly surrendered the border and “waved-through” unknown migrants to others in Europe. Far from an act of “solidarity”, this type of behavior from Germany, Italy and Greece was shameful and negligent.

At least 100,000 migrants have just disappeared and are “roaming” Europe as we speak. Another 350,000 failed asylum seekers are appealing their decisions and have been allowed to “hang around in the streets ” instead of being deported. This combination is a recipe for disaster and leaves all Europeans vulnerable to attacks committed by failed asylum seekers and “roaming migrants”. Finland, Spain, Germany, France, Sweden and others have all paid the price for this open-border foolery.

– Hungary based their actions on reality and common sense, not foolish Merkel-type emotions. After they saw 400,000 migrants enter their territory in an effort to reach the Promised Land (Germany), the government took strong action to control events. As a result of their detainment policies, they protected not only Hungarians, but all Europeans – most notably Germans. As Viktor Orban proved, sealing the border works when backed by strength and determination.

Hungary and the V4 nations also assisted the true refugees closer to their homes in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. This is the most efficient and safest method to support the refugees. The UN-EU agenda of “relocation” is a disaster and supports the agendas of the Islamic terrorists, human smugglers, and Open Society cultural Marxists.

Bottom Line: Angela Merkel and the leaders of Brussels have failed Europe by refusing to secure the external borders and failing to deport the migrants outside of Europe. They have not only destroyed Schengen, but they have exposed Europeans to great risk (terror, rape, assault, etc.). EU Solidarity is pure hypocrisy.

Onward V4! Visegrad is taking the right path and protecting all Europeans. Stay strong and united.