Hungary detains migrant suspected of 70 murders in Pakistan

Hungary detains migrant suspected of 70 murders in Pakistan

* Hungary : Hungarian police have detained a migrant suspected of 70 murders in Pakistan.

The Pakistani man was apprehended among a group of migrants near Hungary’s southern borders. Detectives in nearby Austria said that the man, who is allegedly known as the “Pakistani butcher”, is a professional gunman accused of around 70 contract murders in Pakistan.

The migrants were being smuggled to Austria before being caught at Boly, which is 175 km (109 miles) south of Budapest and near Hungary’s borders with Croatia and Serbia, said the statement by the Austrian Federal Criminal Bureau.

** While the EU and their mercenaries in the international media continue to slander Viktor Orban regarding border security, Hungary continues to defend and protect all in Europe. A major catastrophe may have been averted in Central Europe due to the efforts of Hungary and others.

This is a reminder that Europe remains exposed to open-borders and mass migration. What are the leaders of Sweden, Germany and the EU Parliament doing to protect Europeans? Is a manipulative media increasing the exposure by misleading the public about the true realities of the situation? The majority of migrants have no documents and are aggressive males from violent regions.

There is a reason for the Central European Defence Cooperation (CEDC), which includes Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Poland (officially observer status but they are participating). This group’s mission is to protect the region from illegal migration by securing the borders.

Well done, Mr. Orban. Once again, Hungary has answered the bell for Europe.