Hungary Responds Strongly to Defend NGO Law.

Hungary Responds Strongly to Defend NGO Law.

August 15, 2017

* Hungary responds to the European Commission regarding the infringement procedures launched because of their laws on NGOs financed from abroad.

– Hungary, like many others, is quietly being attacked by radical political groups, disguised as NGOs, in an attempt to destabilize their government and undermine their sovereignty. These groups are often funded by left-wing activists, like George Soros, in an attempt to push their multicult agendas on others. Hungary is an independent nation and has passed a law to require transparency and full disclosure from these foreign lobbyists operating in their country.

– Hungary has insisted that “Transparency is needed because it is clear that NGOs worldwide insert themselves into the political process without being subject to laws regulating political parties and influence public opinion while eluding regulation.”

“We can’t help that the restrictions harm the interests of [US financier] George Soros,” but “not even he is above the law” in Hungary, Völner said. He expressed hope that the EC would “return to the legal ground on which these regulations were adopted”.

– The V4 Report would not rely on the European Commission for a just or impartial hearing. George Soros may not be above the law in Hungary, but he is the “center of influence” in Brussels and has major influence over many of the bureaucrats in the EU. Indeed, Brussels is “Soros-occupied territory”.

Like the Cold War and communism, George Soros and the international open-border cartels must be confronted and challenged at every corner. Other nation states cannot remain silent and must support Hungary and Poland in their noble efforts, or soon they will find themselves as the next target.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united.