Hungary slams EUCO for only reimbursing a mere 1% of the total cost of its border fence.

Hungary slams EUCO for only reimbursing a mere 1% of the total cost of its border fence.

Hungary slams EUCO for only reimbursing a mere 1% of the total cost of its border fence.

Viktor Orban had rightfully requested 50% since, in reality, the Hungarian government was protecting all in Europe. But what does one expect from Brussels?

The mistake Hungary is making: hoping that the incoming commission will support member states in focusing on “stopping migration rather than organising it”.

If this were the case, Ursula von der Leyen would have probably voiced her support for Salvini in Italy, but it turns out she was pretty good at “organizing it” in the Med just six months ago. Just ask Matteo Salvini what he thought of the German “search and rescue” missions on his coast.

One can also review her attacks on Hungary in 2015 during the height of the invasion.

As it stands, Brussels has helped to sabotage the gains of the right (2017 and 2018) virtually overnight in both Italy and Austria.

* One cannot count on Brussels or Grand Coalition politicians, whether part of the old establishment or new establishment, to reward those who fight illegal migration. They all have the same agenda.

Look how they rewarded Matteo Salvini for defending Europe with the closing of Italy’s ports, which are strategically vital for the pro-migration agenda pushed by Brussels.

Deep down, Merkel and Brussels despise Hungary, and this so-called “reset” was only a temporary strategy to keep Orban from working with Salvini. Divide and Conquer is the proper phrase.

There should be no illusions regarding this new ‘super-sized’ coalition of Merkel “conservatives”(EPP), Macron/Verhofstadt liberals (Renew Europe) and Socialists. Any talk of “strengthening the borders” from Brussels or Angela Merkel is pure fantasy.

They have been saying this for years, plus their definition is very misleading; they do not want to stop mass migration…rather they seek to ‘manage migration” by legalizing illegal migration.

This is quite evident from the actions of the France-Germany team (referred to as the “coalition of the willing”) which is ‘voluntarily’ resettling migrants from the NGO ships.

This reads right from the Soros Plan – which actually opposes forced migrant quotas and throws out slogans like strengthening the borders – but slickly seeks other deceptive avenues and schemes to flood Europe with migrants.

EU ships from the ‘member states’ under the auspices of Frontex (exactly what Germany and von der Leyen were doing before Salvini basically kicked them out of the Med) may even replace the NGO boats, but they will be the ones “rescuing” with a permanent EU mechanism in place to distribute the migrants.

With an annual “transfer” quota of 500,000 migrants (Soros goal), this scheme will make it virtually impossible in the long run for any state to resist…so long as they remain EU “member states”. Already there are plans to link EU funds to migrant “solidarity” or “sharing the burden”.

Again, we see what is happening to Salvini, and it is all part of the plan (Malta Summit 2017). Brussels is seeking to commit the EU to mass migration by changing the “method of transfer” and expanding the definition of a refugee to include ‘migrants in need’ from Africa or those in “refugee-like situations”.

** What has transpired after the EU elections is nauseating…and reeks of ‘closed door’ deals that even rewarded the EU Parliament presidency to a radical, open-borders Socialist from Italy. Renew Europe and the EPP did not even put up candidates, instead they supported the Socialists.

Instead of consolidating the Centre-right within the ECR group to work with Salvini’s Group on the right, many put their trust in Germany and the Grand Coalition…and the “new management”, which was also wholeheartedly supported by Emmanuel Macron.

*** Today, the right in Europe is disorganized and all over the map…Slovakia with the Socialists, Czech Republic with Macron/Verhofstaft and Hungary with Berlin’s EPP. Even if the PiS of Poland is in the right group (ECR), one expected more of PM Morawiecki and Jarosław Kaczyński during the EU Summit.

While they correctly voted against Tusk a few years ago, they supported someone far worse this time around…Belgium’s anti-V4, pro UN Migration radical Charles Michel.

Why? EU Solidarity carries a heavy cost and comes with certain chains. Brussels has helped to wipe out the gains of the right (2017 and 2018) virtually overnight in both Italy and Austria.

Who will they target next…Poland or Hungary?

How long can Visegrad hold out without any major allies?

The fighting spirit present before the EU elections seems like it has been replaced by a spirit of “understanding”, which in itself is so meaningless and vague, especially coming from a Grand Coalition loyalist.

Until a legitimate force from the Centre/right is established, Macron and Merkel will continue to set the agenda for Europe…no matter who the EU President is.

– Government spokesman Istvan Hollik on Monday slammed what he called a “disrespectful” offer on the European Commission’s part to reimburse “barely more than one percent” of Hungary’s spending on border protection.

“After two years of stalling, the commission in Brussels has responded to the Hungarian government’s request and has only promised to reimburse 6.6 billion forints (EUR 20.0m),” Hollik told reporters.

He noted that in 2017, Prime Minister Viktor Orban had turned to then-EC President Jean-Claude Juncker asking his commission to cover half of the costs of Hungary’s border fence and border protection measures “in the spirit of solidarity”.

**** One should be used to Angela Merkel’s “spirit of solidarity” by now…it’s whatever she decides it to be.

It’s time for Visegrad to put the gloves back on. 🛎🥊