Hungary stands with Poland and rejects EU Inquisition.

Hungary stands with Poland and rejects EU Inquisition.

* Hungary stands with Poland.

“We reject the European Union applying double standards against any country, and unfortunately we can see the European Commission’s strong use of double standards in the case of Poland . This is unacceptable”, Peter Szijjarto said in response to a question about EU-Poland relations after talks between EU and Eastern Partnership country officials.

The minister added that it would be preferable if EU institutions “focus on doing their real jobs instead of singling out … and chastising certain member states for no reason”.

** There is much theatre in Brussels, but the V4 Report believes Angela Merkel remains one of the biggest obstacles in Europe. Merkel and her CDU Party have managed to establish a political monopoly in Germany and Brussels, where the so-called conservative opposition is a “sister party” and the officials at the EU are her tools. This is not a healthy situation for Germany or Europe, nor does it nourish freedom, democracy or independent thought.

Angela Merkel must be challenged from outside of Germany. We do not believe, based on her past actions, that she has the moral authority to speak for Europe alone. Merkel’s new proposal to expand the migrant quota scheme will be catastrophic. The only way to reduce her influence over Europe is to weaken the power (Brussels) that feeds her. The EU has morphed into a global monstrosity and seeks to expand their power and scope over the affairs of the European nation states. Their appetite for control, if not stopped, has no limits.

The V4 Report does not believe the EU Core represents the future of Central Europe. The V4 is not interested in modeling itself after the multicult societies of France or Belgium. This is not their vision.

While neither seeking conflict or isolation, we believe the V4 and CEE nation states must work together to build a dynamic regional alliance to protect their interests from the heavy influence of Germany and France, while guarding against any major power – East or West – from dominating them again.

It will take time and perseverance, but we believe the Three Seas Initiative is the future “core” of Central-Eastern Europe. If Merkel can join forces with Emmanuel Macron, why does she feel threatened by a little competition?

Onward V4! Build it and strengthen the Three Seas.