Hungary to Block EU’s Africa-Pacific Trade and Development Deal

Hungary to Block EU’s Africa-Pacific Trade and Development Deal

Hungary to block EU’s Africa-Pacific Trade and Development Deal.

“All of our proposals have been swept off the table, so we will surely not give our names to this agreement,” said Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto. “There is no need for fresh migration waves, especially now”.

Where were the other so-called independent states that use migration at election time, but fail to act when it matters?
At least one state does not engage in EU groupthink.

A good call because it included some legal migration for African, Caribbean, and Pacific citizens to the EU through visas and family reunification.

We find this maddening that the EU wants to open up legal routes when the bloc will not even defend its own borders.

Has the EU recognized it’s being flooded with illegal migrants? Is this its way of reducing illegal migration, by simply turning it into legal migration with no guarantees?

There is no debate about the cultural impact of legal migration from these countries?

The EU wants to hand out blank checks before these foreign nations prove that they will take back their citizens. So far, they have not and there are no signs that this will change. None!

The EU wants to put on a show without substance to try to deceive Europe that things will be different this time, but this, as usual, has no teeth. It’s just a propaganda campaign designed to keep anti-migration forces from gaining traction.

The EU should freeze all CURRENT aid until these foreign leaders prove that they will actually take back their citizens without excuses. For this, a substantial down payment of returns will first have to actually happen.

Hungary will not be fooled, nor will they sacrifice its principals for the empty words of EU solidarity, which has no meaning.
The EU thinks it can solve every problem by handing out euros, hoping for ‘goodwill’ from others. This has proven highly naive.
Relocations and human corridor schemes must be off the table until Europe proves that it can deport in large numbers and that the borders are sealed.

The EU bait and switch game regarding migration has gone on for too long.

Bravo Hungary…and shame to the rest of the EU sheep.