Hungary to revoke 2017 Transparency Law on foreign-funded NGOs

Hungary to revoke 2017 Transparency Law on foreign-funded NGOs

Let’s hope this is not a pattern for the future. Nation-states have already conceded too much.
EU specializes in ‘mission creep’.

– Hungary to revoke 2017 anti-NGO law after EU court rebuke.

It was a good policy and should have been a model for others to defend themselves against these foreign-funded NGOs, some of which seek to destabilize societies. Plus, it was Hungary’s law.

– The 2017 NGO legislation required groups funded from abroad to publicly disclose their donors and register with Hungary authorities.
What is wrong with transparency?

Instead, the repeal bill would require Hungary state audit office to “publish” an annual summary on “all associations and foundations” whose balance sheet exceeds 20 million forints (€55,000, $66,000) “in line with EU law.”

We certainly don’t think Hungary is about to change its fierce devotion to sovereignty, and the mission may have already been accomplished while it was still strong for four years.

Yet, be careful, every battle matters when it regards the independence of the nation-state versus expansion of the EU superstate.
One cannot give the EU an inch. They will keep coming back for more.