Hungary will not agree to unrestricted entry of Afghan migrants.

Hungary will not agree to unrestricted entry of Afghan migrants.
Hungary will not agree to unrestricted entry of Afghan migrants.
Hopefully, the Greek government also shares this attitude.
– This statement was in response to “documents circulating in the international community calling on countries that had troops stationed in Afghanistan, and Western countries in general” to agree to the unrestricted admittance of Afghan migrants.
Who thinks of this type of nonsense? Certainly, not one who cares about the security of Europe.
– The Orbán government refuses to make the Hungarian people suffer the consequences of such “flawed geopolitical decisions and operations”, a spokesman for the government said.
At the same time, the Hungarian government was looking into ways it could help those who had worked for Hungarian troops as interpreters or in other capacities over the last 20 years.
The Hungarian government instead said that Hungary needed to be prepared to face serious migration pressure soon, arguing that if migrants fleeing Afghanistan make it through Turkey, they could reach Hungary’s southern border within days.
* Hopefully, Hungary is not the only country preparing for this. Particularly, Greece comes to mind. How is the government preparing to deal with the waves from Turkey? We have heard of no defense plans as of today, even though it is critical to start preparing for these invasions right now.
Frankly, although this is wild speculation, the V4 Report would not be surprised if Brussels puts together a back room deal with Germany, France and the usual suspects (Luxembourg, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, etc) to take the Afghans directly from Turkey in order to prevent the chaotic public scenes from 2015-16. Yes, this sounds far-fetched, but the EU is not an institution that thinks rationally or with common sense.
At this point, we would not be surprised by anything…unless, of course, the EU finally started to develop a plan with Greece to deny entry at the border. More than likely, Ylva from Sweden will send funds to help build more reception centers. 🤨
On the other hand, we do think the current Greek government (although far from perfect) will defend the border more vigorously than the last government of 2015. Greece has no other choice.
“It is clear that our country will not be a gateway for a new wave of refugees,” Greek Migration Minister Notis Mitarachi told local television on Monday. “Of course this has to do with the flows towards Turkey and its attitude, but also the attitude of the EU towards Turkey,” he added.
Fortunately, Turkey itself has not shown an interest either with admitting the Afghans, and vowed to shut its border with Iran to illegal migrants.