Hunt in Chemnitz

Hunt in Chemnitz

Germany swirling in controversy as Angela Merkel and her Social Democrat partners force out domestic intelligence chief Hans-Georg Maassen, who had questioned whether a video posted by a shady group “Antifa Zeckenbiss” (meaning “anti-fascist tick bite”) really showed, as claimed, a “hunt in Chemnitz”.

The V4 Report posted on September 9th ( ) that the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence raised doubts about a video showing what appeared to be immigrants being accosted and chased down in the street during the Chemnitz protests.

He said he was skeptical of media reports of right-wing extremists “hunting down” foreigners in Chemnitz, saying the footage may have been fake.

Maassen said his Federal Office for Constitutional Protection (BfV) – which is similar to the British MI5 – had “no reliable information about such hunts taking place” in Chemnitz.

According to the BBC, Maassen said the video could have been disinformation; he added that he did not know who was behind Antifa Zeckenbiss. This is a problem. Nobody knows who is behind this group, but apparently the media – desperately searching for leftist propaganda – was not concerned.

German public broadcaster ARD said that Antifa Zeckenbiss is an anonymous Twitter account and “there is nothing to indicate that it is a fake account”. Yet, why are they hiding their identity and why would the media trust an anonymous account?

Sources say that this decision was a compromise between Angela Merkel and her coalition partners – Interior Minister Horst Seehofer and far-left Social Democrat (SPD) leader Andrea Nahles.

While Seehofer defended Maassen, the leader of the socialists, Nahles, bitterly demanded his dismissal.

Beatrix von Storch of the AfD tweeted: “This gives the SPD what it wanted in theory, Seehofer can remain spineless and Merkel gets some peace.”

* Hungary and Poland are not the problem in Europe.

Instead of searching for fascists where they do not exist, the leaders of Germany and their mercenaries in the media may want to start looking in the mirror.

Germany is becoming a truly scary state as many start to question the credibility of its government and media.