The Hypocrisy of Matteo Renzi

The Hypocrisy of Matteo Renzi

Matteo Renzi, the PM of Italy, is prone to outbursts.  In June 2015, when migrants from Africa were storming the Italian coast, Renzi chose not to defend his border from undocumented illegals, despite offers from others to help him.  In a fit rage, Renzi promised to unleash his “Plan B” on Europe if other nations refused “quotas” to bail out Italy’s negligence at the border.  He was not kidding.  Renzi’s Plan B entailed “waving-through” unregistered migrants to the rest of Europe. Over the last years, we have witnessed the consequences of his “solidarity”.

Today, Renzi is again threatening, urging the EU to fine the V4 and other states that refuse the forced migrant quotas (Meanwhile, his border remains open).  But the V4 never agreed to surrendering the border, mass migration, or the multicult lifestyle of Western Europe.  They preached “responsibility” at the border and today they are the only ones sending their police to other states to help secure the EU border.  This is solidarity where it counts.

The V4 and Orban have a valid point to reject the migrant quotas.  If Renzi and Merkel prevail, the refugee redistribution scheme grants them a permanent mechanism to transfer an unlimited amount of migrants to Europe.  With the quota system, they will never deny entry knowing that they can have endless transfers to other states.  This has always been their “EU Solution”: limitless migrants and endless quotas.  It must be defeated or Europe will die alive.

Renzi is calling for something that does not exist: solidarity for multiculturalism and mass Muslim migration.  He calls for “responsibility” yet he has shown none at his border, exposing all Europeans.  And while Matteo criticizes the V4 leaders for what they see as “unacceptable” for their people, he is openly defying EU budget rules for what he says is “unacceptable” for Italians.

Renzi is a hypocrite, not for putting the well-being of Italians before EU rules, but for trying to force others to put the security of their citizens at risk for some twisted EU multicult manifesto. Before pontificating about “values”,  Renzi may want to compare the mayhem and chaos in France, Belgium, Sweden and Germany to the peace and security of Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

Renzi’s vision seems clouded.  Before charging others with “not living up to their responsibilities”, he may want to look in the mirror first.  The V4 nations have been spot on from the beginning.  Renzi needs to get over himself, for he could learn a thing or two from “New Europe”.