Illegal migrants trying to enter EU (via Croatia) clash with police in BiH.

Illegal migrants trying to enter EU (via Croatia) clash with police in BiH.

Illegal migrants trying to enter EU (via Croatia) clash with police in BiH.

The problem that sticks out like a sore thumb, but few wish to discuss: the inability or unwillingness to deport these aggressive male migrants outside of Europe.

– Some 50,000 illegals – mostly from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Morocco and Syria – have been through BiH in the past year. However, only about 6,000 migrants remain in BiH, which begs the question…where did the other 42,000 vanish to?

Until this ‘migrant roaming’ problem is resolved via mass deportations with a purpose, the smugglers and migrants will continue to win “the game”.

Of course, the usual suspects of open-border advocates and the illegals themselves have accused the Croatian police of mistreatment and returning migrants to BiH, even when it finds them deep within his own territory (yes, they are doing their job and defending Croatia as they should).

“The Croatian police are very, very bad. We want the border to open. Please don’t hit us anymore. Do not take away our jackets, shoes and socks. They take everything away,” said Salam Batu, one of the migrants at the camp.

“Everyone here wants to go to the border and continue to Italy, Germany or France,” said one Pakistani who introduced himself as Simon.

“If we go to the border, Croatian police set fire to our jackets and shoes, confiscate cell phones,” he told Reuters.

* Well, one cannot rely on testimony from illegals who are breaking the law, or the propaganda from so-called human rights groups assisting with illegal migration. Regardless, the Croatian police are the last line of defense for the EU…and first line of defense for Croats, and they must do whatever is necessary to defend its territory from an advancing force that does not belong in Europe.

Swift deportations outside of Europe and denying admission at the point of entry (Greece) must be the focus of any successful strategy; on the other hand, relocation is counterproductive and not a viable option.

This has turned into a street fight and Europe must adjust its tactics…just as the Croatian police have. The alternative is surrender.