Interesting read about Afghans in Turkey. Two things stand out.

Interesting read about Afghans in Turkey.  Two things stand out.

Interesting read about Afghans in Turkey. Two things stand out.

1. Very few of the migrants currently trying to get into the EU via Turkey are from Syria….very few.

2. Turkey has no problem with deporting Afghans back to Afghanistan. The EU may want to ponder how to take advantage of this…given its “issues” with deportations outside of Europe.

– Syrians who have managed to gain a foothold in Turkey in the past few years would have a lot to lose if they migrated illegally to Europe. Afghans, along with many other illegal migrants from Iran and Pakistan, would not. Syrians usually live in family units: They stay. Afghans and Iranians in Turkey are mostly young, single men: They want to leave.

Hence, most of the “unaccompanied” minors are military-aged males from Afghanistan, Iran or Pakistan. The Syrian culture is somewhat different with large extended families that are not prone to producing “unaccompanied minors”.

Currently, Turkey only grants political asylum to Syrians and Iraqis, not Afghans, who make up the second-largest group, after the 3.6 million registered Syrians. It’s impossible to determine exactly how many hundreds of thousands of Afghans are currently living in Turkey. The third-largest group is Iranians, estimated at 20,000.

– Unlike Europe, Erdogan has no problem deporting Afghans back to Afghanistan.

Last year alone, according to official figures, Turkey arrested 200,000 Afghans for entering the country illegally, placed them in temporary deportation camps, and deported them to Afghanistan or prepared them for deportation. This is usually carried out by plane.

🤔 Since the EU has “issues” deporting Afghans and others, would they not would be wise to seek a separate deal with Turkey to pay it to accelerate this task of deporting more Afghans (and others groups) before they try to enter the EU?

Just a thought, but given the futility of the current strategy, EU monies might be better spent on assisting Erdogan with deportations. Turkey is neither handcuffed by EU rules nor tied-down by German/West EU guilt or ideology.

Afghans and others are not in Turkey to stay; it is obvious they want to enter the EU. While the EU should not rely on Erdogan to secure its borders (EU has to ultimately do this itself), if they have issues with deportations (which they should not, but nonetheless do), then it may be better off delegating this task to Turkey instead of pontificating endlessly about “managing migration” and golden parachutes of asylum.