Interview with the V4 Report on UK and non-EU migration.

Interview with the V4 Report on UK and non-EU migration.

Recent data from the Office for National Statistics shows that a net 248,000 non-EU citizens arrived in the UK during the last year, which is the highest number since 2004, and a 40% increase in comparison to the year before.

The author of the V4 Report, a blog devoted to reporting on immigration news in Europe and countering the EU’s and Angela Merkel’s migration policies, explained to Sputnik the reason behind the spike in non-EU immigration to the UK.

* The entire interview is below but our points:

1. While Brexit tackles one problem (EU chains) and will allow the UK to chart its own course (which they certainly are more than capable of doing), it will take much more to reverse the multicult policies promoted by previous governments over the last decades.

Migrants from outside the European bloc are continuing to arrive, in our opinion, due to the established multicultural policy of the British government.

“This is not surprising to me considering the multicult environment that was promoted by previous governments in the past. We are talking decades here. Although many […] tend to focus on the problems associated with mass migration in France, Belgium and Germany, the UK also continues to struggle with multiculturalism and the integration of recent immigrants”.

2. Visegrád and others in the Three Seas region must remain vigilant in preventing the type of environment that nourishes multicult and Islamic extremism. “Once multicult societies are established, the cycle is very hard to break…”

Visegrad must continue to resist EU Solidarity on migration. Once flooded, like France or Germany, it may already be too late to reverse the tide.