Is the EU divided on Turkey?

Is the EU divided on Turkey?

Is the EU divided on Turkey?


One can imagine how those Merkel/EU-Erdogan meetings go:  “Just one more time Mr. Erdogan…we are warning you, just one more and you will really be in trouble”. 😂🤨


– However, France is steeping-up it’s support for Greece.  Macron has taken a very clear stand against Turkey’s illegal activities in the eastern Mediterranean, but he also acknowledged the EU was not doing enough to stop Turkey’s violations of Greek and Cypriot sovereignty. 


“It is unacceptable that the maritime space of (EU) member states be violated and threatened, those who are doing that must be sanctioned,” said Macron after Thursday’s meeting.


– On the other hand, the EU top brass and the German presidency have not given up on their efforts to initiate an EU-Turkey dialogue, a proposal for which was rejected by the council of foreign ministers the previous week. 


* It is rare that the V4 Report would side with Macron, but on this issue we do.  There has been enough dialogue with Erdogan and it has been fruitless.  Even in moments of apparent, short-term cooperation (usually for more EU funds), Erdogan quickly starts a new crisis.  He is erratic and cannot be relied upon long-term.  He must be sent a message (tough sanctions) once and for all to adjust his attitude or he will never respect the EU.


– Yet, according to the article, Macron’s fears do not seem to be shared by other EU states. Perhaps Cyprus and Greece would have to consider ways of winning over other influential EU governments to the idea of sanctions, because important as France’s support is, it might not be enough for them to achieve their objective.


** Without a tough response, Erdogan will carry on and the EU will continue to be held hostage by his actions.


Macron has a point but unfortunately  Germany calls the shots.  EU solidarity is defined as Merkel pleases, which does not speak highly of those that blindly follow Germany.