Italian President attacks Meloni, Visegrad over mass migration.

Italian President attacks Meloni, Visegrad over mass migration.

Italian President attacks Meloni, Visegrad over mass migration.

He prefers surrender?
Italian President Sergio Mattarella says Europe needs a “welcome strategy”.
One guesses he does not fully understand what has gone on for the last six years. Merkel’s “welcome strategy” was an absolute disaster.
Europe has already been flooded with a “welcome strategy”, which is why Italy keeps waking up to the same problems…year after year.
The guy is 80 years old and obviously not up to the task of defending Italy or Europe. He still thinks this is about ‘refugees’.

Why does he not call for new elections to see how Italians feel about his “welcoming” manifesto?

“In Italy, someone has the illusion that it is possible to put the no entry sign from Africa,” Mattarella said, launching an attack on proposals by Meloni to stem the flow of migrants by utilizing a naval blockade (90% take off from Libya) or to actually defend the borders.
President Sergio Mattarella said these calls were illusory. Really? A pro-migration politician said this for what purpose? . He sounds like Merkel and other Eurocrats describing Hungary’s wall and border defense.

What is so shocking about defending one’s own country from an invasion of aggressive males from alien cultures? Is Italy supposed to just rollover and surrender.

Thankfully, the Italian government does not speak for the Visegrad states, which rightfully refuses to be held hostage by the reckless and negligent decisions of Italy at the borders.
What type of deal has Italy struck with the EU to grant entry to all of these illegals? Italy has already waved-through hundreds of thousands of illegals to others in the EU.

This is solidarity? Enough of the EU madness about counterproductive relocation quotas or an EU-wide pact that commits Europe to mass migration.

It is not Meloni or the V4 states that are the problem…but irresponsible border states (at least Greece has improved greatly with the pushbacks) like Italy who allow themselves to be controlled by the smugglers, NGOs, illegals and the EU itself. Europe needs a welcome strategy? Considering the tsunami over the last six years, this has to be one of the most ignorant and reckless statements since Merkel’s “we can do it” moment.