Italy and Libyan leaders pledge support on migration

Italy and Libyan leaders pledge support on migration

Defending Europe must not center around the simple narrative of stopping illegal migration only. This is a trap and losing strategy in the long term.

Italy and Libya pledge support on migration.

And one is supposed to trust Luciana Lamorgese, Italy’s pro-migration interior minister? 👌

Meanwhile, UNHCR Chief Filippo Grandi, who just visited Rome, warned Italy and its institutions to “prepare themselves” for the next round of arrivals.

Legal “humanitarian corridors” to directly transfer migrants from Africa to Europe were discussed and seem to be today’s preferred slogan to commit the EU to mass migration.

This is exactly why defending Europe must not center around the simple narrative of stopping illegal migration only.

Think about it, one does not have to be an Einstein to realize the cultural upheaval with the demographics involved, especially when one studies a map of Africa and Europe. 😬

Besides the usual sideshow of combating the smuggling routes, Lamorgese and Libya’s prime minister spoke about implementing additional ‘humanitarian corridors’, thus creating more legal and safe routes for so-called ‘refugees’ (everyone) to reach Italy and Europe.

Avvenire reported that a “substantial number” could be expected to be transferred directly from Libya to Italy.

Lamorgese said that she backed the EU’s working hand-in-hand with the UN Migration Agency IOM, as well as the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR, to provide more help on the ground for people fleeing war and ‘instability’.

The Italian official also suggested that a future summit in Rome might help develop these ‘pathways’.

For years the EU has talked about cracking down on the smuggling networks, but this was never intended to stop mass migration.
Rather, it has long been the goal of Brussels to turn illegal migration into legal migration by not only changing the method of transfers but also expanding the definition of a refugee to include those in refugee-like situations…or experiencing “instability”.

If this sounds broad, that’s because it is…and it’s already happening.

Does one think it’s any different to flood Europe with immigrants from alien cultures, whether it’s done legally or illegally, especially when the definitions have become so blurred?
How does this multicult manifesto maintain Europe’s identity and way of life?
Obviously, the EU has a different definition of Europe…and we do not think it is possible that this institution can be changed.

Long-term, in order to defend its culture and identity, the V4 Report believes the V4 and CEE states will have to control their own destiny outside the multicult bloc. What is the other alternative?