Italy: Another migrant emergency or the status quo?

Italy:  Another migrant emergency or the status quo?

Italy: Another migrant emergency or the status quo?

– Italy warns of new migration emergency encouraged by the return of NGO vessels patrolling the coast of Libya.

* All know what this means…as the EU once again circles back to the debates of 2015.

Italy’s solution to the emergency: “A quota mechanism must be approved and enforced.”

The Italian government has asked the EU “for an equitable distribution of asylum seekers”.

Wow, talk about counterproductive; this will insure that even more illegals travel to Libya for their one-way ticket to Europe. It looks like the far-left NGO radicals and their fleet of migrant transfer boats are now in control of Italy.

Of course, the governments of Spain, Greece, Malta and Cyprus all support this migrant bailout, which will commit the EU to mass migration.

The Visegrad states and others in CEE will never submit to this scheme, but the danger lies with the other EU plebe states that will. Eventually, migrant quotas will become compulsory (think about it logically, how cannot it not in the long term) and every ‘member state’ will be overwhelmed into submission.

This EU project may survive but not in its current form. The EU is just too big and the bitter differences revolving around “values” are just too deep to overcome.

Perhaps, it was inevitable, but as we wrote in 2016, there will be no EU solution to migration 👉 “Is it possible to solve the crisis with what Merkel describes as an ‘EU Solution’? With the current structure of the EU, we do not believe it is. The members that comprise the EU – their values and culture – are too far apart to come up with an EU solution.” 👈

An EU solution to the Migrant Crisis? Why it may not be possible until the EU breaks apart

The question is when and how the breakup will proceed.

– At least 20,000 illegals are poised to set out from the coast of North Africa toward Italy, the Italian Interior Ministry said. In a letter to the EU Commission, it dramatically warned that “a new emergency is approaching” and called for a common EU strategy in response.

“We had enough of words and promises from Brussels on the migrant quotas. Now we need facts,” Enzo Amendola, the Italian minister for EU affairs, told the ANSA news agency.

Italian Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese called on the EU to adopt a “new approach” in managing the migrants’ arrivals. She believed that those who arrive after they have been rescued at sea “cannot be considered in the same way as those who arrive in some other irregular way. According to international maritime law they must be rescued, but EU Mediterranean member states must be able to share the burden with all the other member states. A quota mechanism must be approved and enforced.”

* If this diktat ever becomes a reality, Brexit will have some company in the near future.