Italy: Draghi struggles to make EU listen on migration.

Italy:  Draghi struggles to make EU listen on migration.
Italy: Draghi struggles to make EU listen on migration.
Correct, few want the aggressive male illegals from alien cultures that the Italian government grants entry to.
Sure, obtaining large amounts of EU money is easy, almost all states were giddy about this prospect with few realizing the consequences of an even more powerful Brussels, which keeps expanding its scope.
Migration is another issue. The legend of Super Mario status does not carry much weight in Central Europe.
 Italian PM’s failure to influence EU policy regarding migration is seized on by opponents at home.
Correction, one opponent at home and that is Giorgia Meloni, who was free to point out Draghi’s failures in this area. Italy is being flooded, mostly because they have provided the entry.
Others see what is happening in Germany, Austria, France, etc. and want no part of this multi-cult disaster.
As for Salvini and the League: “There is a political project under way to Europeanize the League, to make it less Eurosceptic and nationalist,” says political analyst Tocci. One of Draghi’s achievements has been to moderate the anti-EU elements of the League.
An achievement for whom, Germany and the EU Commission?
No doubt this project to moderate Lega has its roots in Germany, especially within the EPP Group, the party Viktor Orban just exited from because of its hard drift to the left.
Salvini and the League will quickly find out that they cannot “out EU” the establishment; instead, they will be swallowed in whole, just like Horst Seehofer and the CSU ‘controlled opposition’ in Germany, which lost its identity and soul for a seat on the floor at Merkel’s table.
To be frank, the V4 Report does not like the vibes being sent out by Lega, especially the flirtations with the EPP Group, which was designed by Merkel to blackball true national conservatives across Europe.
We shall see…but the EU is most likely not the place for positive change…the allure of personal power in such a superstate is too tempting.
The best venue for the future may be some type of regional cooperation along the lines of a V4-CEE alliance like the Three Seas initiative.
The West EU bloc may be too set in its ways for the type of change needed, especially in regards to mass migration, multicult and these woke social issues the EU is obsessed about.