Italy faces another UN complaint. 🙄

Italy faces another UN complaint. 🙄

Italy faces another UN complaint. 🙄

Italy faces complaint at UN over ‘abusive’ Libya asylum returns.

The NGO activists label the practice as “privatized push-backs”.

The V4 Report likes it and believes “push backs” (or pull backs as we like to call it) are becoming the new normal across Europe. This is a must to properly defend one’s borders from aggressive male migrants forcefully trying to break through.

The UN can do little about this practice without overwhelming support from the nation states or ‘international community’, which is just not present. Serious nation states realize what they must do; national security comes first and the UN will have to adjust.

– The Global Legal Action Network (GLAN) lodged the case with the UN Human Rights Committee aiming to challenge the practice of EU coastal states like Italy engaging commercial ships to return migrants to their country of origin.

This is normal and countries must accept back its citizens, especially when they are not welcome elsewhere.

The complaint maintains that Italy and other states have turned private merchant vessels into instruments to return so-called “asylum seekers” to their countries of origin, where they could risk persecution, which is illegal under international law.

* At this point, this is a street fight, and its all about self-preservation. Let the EU “think tanks” pontificate about the definition of international law while the leaders of nation states deal with reality.

Nation states have every right to defend and secure their borders.–abusive–libya-asylum-returns-12194354