Crisis in Italy: Open Borders No Act of Humanity

Crisis in Italy:  Open Borders No Act of Humanity

{*Update 4-30-2016. Whether Italy years ago, Greece months ago, or Italy again today, the open-borders have been a disaster for all, including the true war refugees themselves.  For those who say it is a secure border causing the dangerous journeys to Europe, I would ask, “What secure border”?  Neither Greece or Italy is secure; they allow all migrants to enter.  If one wants to cite a “secure border” to make a case that it promotes dangerous journeys, they need to use a valid example, like Australia.  However, they may be disappointed. None of this mayhem and chaos is occurring off the Australian coast because they took the necessary actions to control events, instead of allowing the actions of others to control them. Please, don’t pretend the external EU border is “secure”.  It has been surrendered.  Enjoy original post below from Jan2016.}

Original Post:
The debate is raging in Europe over “values”.  Somehow, the leaders of Greece and Italy believe they have a monopoly on the subject. (For the record, my blood is a mix of Italian, German, and Slovak – while my heart is Czech, since I am married to one). While the EU desperately needs to secure the border, Italy and Greece claim ‘their values’ prevent them from securing their borders from illegal migrants.

Is surrendering one’s border really an act of humanity, or is it the cause of so much tragedy, indirectly enabling human smugglers to thrive?  Let’s take a look.

Greece is a perfect example with 85% of the migrants making their way from Turkey to Greece by sea.  The open border encourages these dangerous journeys, which have resulted in death and abuse by smugglers.  Everyone knows Greece offers no resistance, especially the smugglers.  They arrange the trips on the Turkish coast where a bustling and profitable trafficking enterprise exists.  It goes on right in front of Erdogan’s eyes. The trips are expensive and sometimes the women pay for the trip through forced sex with the smugglers. Children are often abused.  This is not a secret; both Greece and the UN know what is happening, yet choose to ignore it based on their greater ‘values’ of so-called humanity.

Moreover, the migrants are often without any identification and are barely vetted, which makes the route accessible to jihadists posing as migrants.  Most of the migrants are young males who do not respect the culture.  They pose great risks to women, as evidenced by the Cologne sexual attacks and numerous others across Europe.  Blowback will also occur years from now when a mass of young men from violent cultures become radicalized and rebel against the European culture. In addition, they are easy prey for the recruiting efforts of the criminal gangs. We already see this happening in Sweden and Germany.

On the other side, Australia provides the example of a secured border.  Years ago, when the boats started to arrive on their coast, they implemented policies that discouraged illegal human trafficking.  This included turning and pulling the boats back.  Tough love at first, but the illegal entries by sea stopped and they no longer have a problem.  The smugglers were put out of business in Australia due to the sealed border. Because of their fortitude, there are no drownings and their citizens have not been exposed to the dangers of illegal male migrants. One can also look to the V4 countries (Czech, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia) who control their borders and detain the illegal migrants.  There is no chaos in their streets and their citizens are safe, sleeping like babies.

The conclusion is obvious.  Securing the borders saves lives, eliminates the smugglers, and provides order and safety for the citizens of Europe.  Moreover, it can provide an orderly process “outside the borders” that can actually help a limited amount of true refugees in need.

An open border, like Italy, is a disaster for all, including the true war refugees, who are actually hurt by the huge mass of illegal migrants. The open border in Italy and the NGO “taxi service” encourages the dangerous voyages, and as a result, we have seen far too many deaths.  In the meantime, the citizens of Europe have been exposed to great risks. Today, they are tense and see their way of life disappearing.

So when we hear Matteo Renzi or the leaders of Greece talk about humanity, we may want to ask them why the smugglers prefer their ‘values’ as opposed to the values of Australia’s Tony Abbott or Hungary’s Viktor Orban.  For what type of ‘values’ risk the security of your own people in the name of ‘humanity’?