Italy: High-level Absurdity.

Italy: High-level Absurdity.
Italy: High-level Absurdity.
* Please read the entire linked article below, many details which point to a political witch-hunt in this case.
What is going on in Italy? It just makes no sense.
Italian Captain Sentenced to Prison for rescuing illegals. His mortal sin, according to the judge and NGOs: bringing them back to Libya instead of Italy.
– Capt. Giuseppe Sotgiu was the master of the OSV Asso Ventotto (Ace 28) on July 30, 2018, when the vessel was operating at the Sabratha oil platform off the coast of Tripoli. That day, the Ventotto received a request from the Libyan Coast Guard to assist a rubber raft carring maritime migrants at a position about one nautical mile from the platform.
In other words, very close to Libya.
Also, during that time period, then-interior minister Matteo Salvini had firmly closed Italy’s ports to any and all vessels carrying migrants – even his own nation’s merchant vessels and coast guard cutters.
In conclusion, based on the circumstances, this captain did nothing wrong. And neither did Salvini.